Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Hey Guys,
I know it's been veeery long since I've post something but just couldn't come up with ideas about what to talk.
but now I know:
Ill talk about the Zodiac, Aquarius. I'm an Aquarian, born on the 5th of February 1995. I don't really know why,but I love being an Aquarian and I believe it's one of the most interesting zodiac.

I was just surfing and I found a poem on Aquarius people
Here it is:-

The Aquarius

The Opinionated
Their Own beliefs
Their own set of rules
They’ll reach their dreams
With or without your help
They’ll argue their causes
And tell you you’re wron

The opinionated
Broad minded but stubborn
Simple yet smart
Intellect over body
Intellect over heart
Fair in their own way
But set in that way too
When arguing with Aquarius there’s not much you can do

The Opinionated
They’ll stand by their friends
Until the very end
Loyal not only to ideas
But to people and places
Love to dream,like a pisces
But not as easily set off

The opinionated
They will reach their dreams
They will fight for what they believe

They will stand tall and broad
And they will flirt along the way
The Opinionated
The Aquarius

Accurate right?? Well for me, yes it is 

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